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Ada yang kenal Marshal Mcluhan?

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, July 21, 1911.
University of Manitoba: B. A., 1932; M. A., 1934.
Cambridge University: B. A., 1936; M. A., 1939; Ph. D., 1942.

Taught at University of Wisconsin (Madison): 1936-1937.
Taught at St. Louis University: 1937-1944.
Taught at Assumption University (Windsor, Ontario): 1944-1946.
Taught at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto: 1946-1979.
Full professor: 1952.
Married Corinne Keller Lewis of Fort Worth, Texas: 1939.
Chairman of Ford Foundation Seminar on Culture and
Communication: 1953-1955.
Co-Editor of Explorations magazine: 1954-1959.
Director of Project in Understanding New Media for National
Association of Educational Broadcasters and U. S. Office of Education: 1959-1960.
Appointed in 1963 by the President of the University of Toronto to
create a new Centre for Culture and Technology, to study the psychic
and social consequences of technologies and media.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada: 1964.
Companion of the Order of Canada: 1970.
Honorary Award in Culture and Communication (New York: Niagara University): 1967.
Molson Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Social Sciences: 1967.
Appointment to the Albert Schweitzer Chair in the Humanities,
Fordham University, New York: 1967-1968.
The Institute of Public Relations President’s Award (Great Britain): 1970.
Gold Medal Award from President of the Italian Republic at Rimini,
Italy, in recognition of original work as philosopher of the mass media: 1971.
Christian Culture Award, Assumption University: 1971.
President’s Cabinet Award, University of Detroit: 1972.
Vatican appointment as Consultor of the Pontifical Commission for
Social Communications: 1973.
Citation from The Religious Educational Association of the United
States and Canada: 1973
Civic Award of Merit, given by Mayor David Crombie at Toronto City
Hall: 1974.
“Man of Achievement” Diploma from the International Biographical Centre (Cambridge, England): 1975.
Appointed to the McDermott Chair at the University of Dallas (Texas):
April-May, 1975.
Distinguished Lectures
Second Annual A.V.B. Geoghegan Lecture, University of Pennsylvania: 1966.
Marfleet Lectures, University of Toronto: 1967.
Purves Memorial Lecture, American Institute of Architects (New York): 1967.
Congressional Breakfast (Washington, D. C.): 1970.
Gillett Lecture Series, University of Western Ontario: 1970
Mary C. Richardson Lecture, State University College of Arts and Science 9Geneseo, New York): 1970.
Gerstein Lecture Series, York University (Toronto): 1971.
The fourth annual Pound Lecture in the Humanities, University of Idaho, 1978.

Died in Toronto, 31 December, 1980.

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